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Green Cleaning

**We now offer Non-toxic Carpet Cleaning and Pressure Washing services. Contact us for a quote.**

  • The products we use are non-toxic & naturally-based. Those we make ourselves feature aromatherapy like lavender, sage, peppermint, cedar & orange essential oils.
  • We also offer move-in/move-out cleanings, as well as post-construction & cleanings for office spaces.
  • One-time, weekly, biweekly & monthly cleanings available.
  • We try to keep a light carbon footprint by reducing our vehicle usage so ask that our regular clients keep our supplies and equipment on-site.
  • Regular biweekly cleanings are discounted & typically range from $144-$180 for a 3br/2ba home. Our standard rate for a one-time cleaning is $80/hr for a team of two people, though we often have introductory offers.

Standard Cleaning


  • wash dishes/start dishwasher
  • wipe down counter, cabinets, light switches, doorknobs, appliances
  • waste disposal
  • clean floor, rugs


  • clean inside & outside toilet
  • clean sink, shower, tub
  • waste disposal, clean receptacle
  • clean mirror
  • wipe/polish surfaces, light switches, door knobs
  • clean floor, rugs
  • change towels (optional)

Dining/Living Rooms

  • general dust
  • wipe/polish surfaces
  • clean floor, rugs


  • general dust
  • wipe/polish surfaces
  • make bed(s), change linen (optional)
  • clean floor, rugs

Den/office/miscellaneous rooms

  • general dust
  • wipe/polish surfaces
  • clean floor, rugs

Optional with standard cleaning

  • windowsills dusted
  • exterior cabinets cleaned
  • laundry

First-time, deep cleaning, or special requests may include:

  • extensive dusting (books, decor, lamps, art, ceiling fixtures, phones, cobwebs, window sills, window treatments, sideboards, tops of high shelves/furniture, vents or radiators
  • vacuum/mop under furniture -vacuum upholstery
  • clean interior windows
  • plants hand-cleaned
  • interior refrigerator cleaned
  • oven cleaned
  • interior cabinets wiped out
  • wipe down dining and kitchen tables/chairs
  • hand-scrub floors
  • extensive shower scrubbing (with brush and mildew cleaner)

Move-out or Move-in Cleanings
Includes standard cleaning (see above) plus:

  • wiping woodwork, interior doors, moldings, baseboards, windowsills, shelves, & vents or radiators
  • cleaning interior windows
  • wiping interior and exterior cabinets and closet shelves
  • extensive interior stove/oven and refrigerator cleaning
  • hand-scrubbing floors where necessary
  • extensive vacuuming including inside closets, floor edging
  • other

**We don’t clean up pet feces or urine, use toxic products like chlorine or pick up objects heavier than 20 pounds. We also ask for a 24-hour notice of cancellation to avoid a fee (up to 50% the scheduled cleaning price).**

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